Please find some testimonials from families of both past and current residents.

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The staff at 3L Care are extremely competent, loving and caring towards our sister. She has benefited beyond measure since she has been with them. Her medication is conscientiously administered and the staff are constantly aware of her current condition, and are able to predict the best way forward for her and her best interests are always the priority.

We, as our sister's family, are extremely happy and grateful that she is with 3L, and we can safely say that she receives the best care that she has ever had.

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We had loved and cared for our lovely boy James for more than 18 years but our advancing years and my husbands illness was making life more difficult for all of us. It broke our hearts to think of James going into care but we realised that a planned transition was far better for him than an emergency placement further down the line.

We looked at many care homes and eventually settled on one that we though suitable. We were so wrong. James was clean tidy and well fed but so unhappy. He spent the day sat in his wheelchair plonked in front of a television. He wasn't given access to his computer or ipad as none of the staff had any IT skills. I offered to pay for training but was told that they didn't really believe in computers. So day after day he sat in front of a tv along with all the staff and residents.

One day an acquaintance overheard me moaning about his situation and said that the care home she worked in wasn't at all like that. Quite frankly I was very sceptical but early the next morning I drove over and without any notice or appointment just walked straight in. I could have cried with joy. Facing me was a huge activities board suitable for all the varying needs of the residents. I could see and hear laughter fun and games. No signs of an institution, everywhere was bright, sunny and happy.

Within a short period of time James was living and loving life at 3L Care. For the first month or so I made many unannounced visits at morning noon and night and every time was greeted by my happy boy. No problems at all. His life is one happy round of activities, they have given him all the computer support he needs and he is in control of his music, lighting, tv etc. Despite being in a wheelchair he goes ice skating, boating, kyaking. Circus, theatre and cinema visits are the norm. So for more than three years James has lived a happy fulfilled life that we, due to our age, would no longer be able to provide.

I hope my testimonial will help you in making the most important decision you will ever make for your child's future. Ann.

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Our 20 year old daughter was transferred to 3L from a rehab facility in July 2018, having suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2015. Having had a very bad experience at the previous place, we were very apprehensive about the kind of care she would receive at 3L, but it was evident from the get go that it was the best move we had made.

The staff at 3L engage with the clients, they treat them age appropriately and they work their day around the clients, not the other way around. The atmosphere is fun, happy and informal. The rooms are clean and homely and the bedrooms are decorated according to the taste of the individuals. The ratio of staff to clients is excellent. There are also lots of outings to parks, cinemas, shopping centres, zoos to name just a few. The team are well led by Jan, the Manager, who is readily available and really helpful and supportive to staff, clients and relatives. Our daughter has improved so much in the time she has been at 3L, which is down to the nursing care, the really supportive local GP, and the time and effort put in by the staff to encourage, stimulate and support her progress with communication, limb function and overall well being.

We are in the process of getting our daughter home, and 3L have helped us enormously with the process, we couldn’t thank and praise them enough. We are delighted that our daughter will continue having respite care at 3L once we have her home. 3L have 2 other buildings and I would love to see them be able to roll out their business model further so that more people can access and benefit from the excellent care they deliver.

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